Asia’s Telecoms Meeting to Discuss Global Need for Disruptive Technology Collaboration

Coping in an era of disruption focus at Asian telecoms meet

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+  WITH the continued disruption of the local and global markets, telco giants in Asia are expected to forge stronger partnerships and create deeper collaborations to sustain their relevance in the lives of their customers

“In our industry, networking and really seeing each other face-to-face is critical. It’s not easy to meet with a partner who is on the other side of the world,” Luna-Abelarde added.

+  Due to the rise of new technologies that have disrupted the whole world and created a spectrum of new services that have made the lives of people relatively easier, the telco business has become largely uncertain and is at risk of becoming irrelevant. But this, according to PLDT Inc. Head for International and Carrier Business Kat Luna-Abelarde, only proves the need for the strengthening of existing partnerships and the striking of new ones.

+  “With dynamism comes a lot of uncertainty. Then we realized that if the telcos wouldn’t come and partner at deeper levels, at some point we’ll just be irrelevant. We were very functional in terms of business model; the customer just had to come in, but that has changed. This is a real humbling realization that we no longer own the customer and that our market is not just limited to telcos, and competition is not just among ourselves,” she told the BusinessMirror in a recent interview.

+  This, according to her, will be the highlight of the 15th run of the Asian Carriers Conference (ACC), an annual meeting of telecom operators in the region that is hosted by the Filipino telco giant. xxxxxx“We need to start collaborating more and not just negotiating. It should happen within and outside our organizations,” she said.

+  Taking center stage at the conference is celebrated futurist and tech writer Nicklas Bergman, who will discuss topics, such as tech disruption, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, investments, and leadership in the digital era.

Source: Phillipines.  Lorenz S. Marasigan,  Coping in an era of disruption focus at Asian telecoms meet…

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