India’s Navy Identifies Shortcomings in Budget; Affecting Quantum Computing, Other Technology

Navy needs ‘assured’ budget support to build capability: Chief

In brief…

+  The Indian Navy needs an “assured” budgetary support to build its capability, its chief Admiral Karambir Singh said on Monday as he outlined challenges in realising the maritime potential of the country. He said allocation to the Navy has reduced from 18 per cent of the defence budget in 2012-13 to 13 per cent now, impacting future force planning and capability development.

“The key here is that we must have technologies, which are contemporary when available,” he said.

+  “As far as the absorption of new technologies goes, we have not kept pace with the global standards and practices and this is especially relevant to the weapon, sensor technologies, ship construction technology, absorption of new verticals such as AI and quantum computing.

+  The Navy chief added that maritime security involved a large number of stakeholders. The stakeholders included the Navy, Coast Guard, state governments, Director General of Shipping, DG Light Houses, fisheries, ministries of home affairs and earth sciences, among others, he said. Coordination and building synergy through all these stakeholders is a huge humongous task, he said.

Source:  THE TIMES OF INDIA.  PTI,  Navy needs ‘assured’ budget support to build capability: Chief…

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