Accenture Patents for Quantum Computing Stretch into Real-time Electricity Production

Accenture Pushes Deeper Into Quantum Computing

Key points…

+  In April, Accenture received a patent for an algorithm that business clients could employ to recommend either a quantum computer or a classical system for solving a mathematical problem, by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to assess the problem.

Andreas Heinen of German energy firm Innogy SE said quantum computing could be used with AI could facilitate the nearly real-time prediction of electricity required in a specific area, to balance energy supply and demand.

+  Accenture’s Carl Dukatz said clients are expressing increasing interest in quantum computing, as IBM and other companies now allow people to experiment with their early-stage quantum systems through the cloud.

+  The consulting firm also worked with German energy company Innogy to set up a Dutch quantum computing workshop.

Source:  COMMUNICATION of the ACM.  The Wall Street Journal,  Accenture Pushes Deeper Into Quantum Computing…

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