Blockchain for the U.S. Military; Integrating Quantum Computing

Would be interesting to add this to the argument that quantum computing can hack blockchain.  Qubit.

US Defense Department to Develop Blockchain Cybersecurity Shield

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  In a report published on July 12 titled Digital Modernization Strategy, the DoD outlined several ways to advance the nation’s digital defenses. This includes the integration of cloud and quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and improved communications through distributed ledgers.

“Blockchain networks not only reduce the probability of compromise, but also impose significantly greater costs on an adversary to achieve it.”

+  Specifically, blockchain may be deployed between units and headquarters as well as intelligence officers and the Pentagon. As part of the Digital Identity Management program, the agency may also issue a digital token that authenticates an agent’s identity.

+  The DoD is also experimenting with the technology to facilitate the creation of an unhackable code to secure its databases.

Source:  coindesk.  Daniel Kuhn,  US Defense Department to Develop Blockchain Cybersecurity Shield…

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