In the Realm of Quantum Computing, “a philosophical conundrum for visionaries.”

Though young minds are malleable, and empty, the empty mind must be filled with knowledge, gain experience, and be given the opportunity to imagine. Albert Einstein is all about imagination; more so than experience; and those more so than knowledge. But he does see it is part and parcel to life.  Qubit

Who Cares About Quantum Computing?

Key points…

+  Specifically, in the realm of quantum computing, I see a philosophical conundrum for visionaries. Skeptics of new technology often think: “Since I don’t understand it, how can it be good for anything?” Implicit in this attitude is the assumption that “I only see value in what I can understand”. For visionaries, just having the dream already has value.

In a conversation, how do most non-techie people typically react when theoretical physics and quantum mechanics are mentioned? Eyes glaze over. There’s a brief pause as everyone in the group struggles to remember what they might have read or heard somewhere. What do they remember? Someone will pipe up: “I’m not good at math (or abstract thinking), so I don’t understand what is going on.” General agreement, a few comments like “too complicated or nerdy,” then the topic quickly changes to something familiar.

+  For quantum computing (QC), there naturally is a requirement to create a new language that can accurately describe how QC works and what it can do.

Source:  Psychology Today.  Po Chi Wu, Ph.D.,  Who Cares About Quantum Computing?…

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