Schrodinger’s Tabby Cat Has Family; an Infinite Number of Quantum States

Physicists discover family members of Schrödinger’s cat

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS) PhD candidate Lewis Howard, said the states were all generated using multidimensional boxes called hypercubes. “We found as the hypercubes become larger, they generated Schrödinger-cat-like states with increasingly finer features in phase space, making them more powerful for quantum applications,” Mr Howard said. “Think striped tigers as opposed to tabbies.”

It has been said that the internet exists chiefly to show videos of cats interacting with boxes.

+  University of Innsbruck’s Dr Martin Ringbauer, who guided the research, said that hypercube states consist of multiple quantum superpositions that map out the corners of multidimensional cubes. “We discovered these quantum hypercube states by accident while experimenting with methods to create quantum states that could be useful in quantum sensors (link is external),” Dr Ringbauer said.

+  EQUS researcher Dr Till Weinhold said that these quantum states could be used in future quantum technologies, such as super-sensitive sensors.

Source:  Australian Research Council.  Tara Roberson,  Physicists discover family members of Schrödinger’s cat…

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