Observing, Controlling, and Characterizing Dark Trions = Quantum Information Transport

Move aside, electrons; it’s time to make way for the trion.

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  “Our results could enable new ways of information transmission,” said Erfu Liu, the first author of the research paper, and a postdoctoral researcher in Lui’s lab. “Dark trions, with their long lifetime, can help us realize information transmission by trions. Just like increasing your Wi-Fi bandwidth at home, trion transmission allows more information to come through than individual electrons.” The researchers used a single layer of WSe2 atoms, resembling a graphene sheet, because the dark trion energy level in WSe2 lies below the bright trion energy level. The dark trions can therefore accumulate a large population, enabling their detection. Lui explained that most trion research today focuses on bright trions because they emit so much light and can be easily measured.

“If such a prototype trion device works, dark trions can then be used to transport quantum information.”

+  “We were able to demonstrate a continuous tuning from positive dark trions to negative dark trions by simply adjusting an external voltage. We were also able to confirm dark trions’ distinct spin configuration from bright trions.

+  “If we can use trions to transmit information, our information technology will be greatly enriched,” he added. “The major obstacle in such a development has been the short lifetime of bright trions. Now the long-lived dark trions can help us overcome this obstacle.”

Source:  Science Daily.  University of California Riverside,  Move aside, electrons; it’s time to make way for the trion.…

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