U.S. Naval Research Lab Research Supports Quantum Networks

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory ‘Connects the Dots’ for Quantum Networks

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+  [The U.S.] Naval Research Laboratory has created a quantum science technique designed to release single photos or individual light particles of the same color. NRL said Monday that its new technique compresses quantum dots to produce photons that could be less than millionth a meter away from each other.

“Instead of making quantum dots perfectly identical to begin with, we change their wavelength afterwards by shrink-wrapping them with laser-crystallized hafnium oxide,” said Joel Grim, an NRL physicist who serves as the project’s lead researcher.

+  “NRL’s new method for tuning the wavelength of quantum dots could enable new technologies that use the strange properties of quantum physics for computing, communication and sensing,” Bracker said.

Source:  EXCUTIVEGOV.  Nichols Martin,  U.S. Naval Research Laboratory ‘Connects the Dots’ for Quantum Networks…

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