NATO Awardee Believes Quantum Attacks are Grave Concern

Who is Prof. Otokar Grošek?

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  “I was the NATO Project Director of the multi-year Science for Peace and Security (SPS) project “Secure Implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography” and was awarded the 2018 Science Partnership Prize by NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller.”

“One of the biggest challenges today is preparing information security systems to be able to resist so-called quantum attacks. In our connected world, communication networks are invaluable for the security of nations and individuals. Many communication protocols rely on cryptographic constructions that will no longer be secure if these mathematical problems turn out to be efficiently solvable by quantum computing. Thus, our research focuses on a new tool that will be able to resist both classical and quantum attacks.”

+  This project focused on the security of cyber infrastructures and communication channels. The project also involved members of the international science community, namely from France, Israel and the United States.

+  “The SPS Programme beautifully intensified and expanded scientific collaborations at the international level. Freely speaking, as the director of these programmes, I sometimes find myself in a position similar to that of a coach of an elite national hockey league team, where each player is a great professional, able to do quality research, and my task is to coordinate them. Together we have the resources to tackle cryptographic problems that we would not be able to tackle alone. Through the Programme, we can offer our students the opportunity to contribute to impactful research, to work with and to be trained by international top experts whose expertise complements our own.”

Source:  NATO.  OTAN,  Who is Prof. Otokar Grošek?

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