Determined: Archer Exploration and University of Sydney Producing Prototype Quantum-silicon Chip

The unique industry-academia partnership between Archer Exploration and the University of Sydney has produced tangible results.  Following a busy first half of 2019 working on their 12CQ (“one two cee cue”) project, the company made a major announcement today, putting “its money where its mouth is.”  Below are some key points from their promising quantum-silicon chip research and development.  Bears watching.  Qubit.

First-stage assembly of nanoscale qubit processor

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Archer team assembles first nanoscale materials components of the 12CQ qubit processor (chip) prototype at the University of Sydney.

“The entire chip is about the size of the width of a few human hairs and designed to accommodate our nanosized qubits, that are similar in size to the main features of classical computer chips. We envision the 12CQ qubit processor would fit alongside standard chips on modern day classical computing motherboards.” (Dr. Mohammad Choucair, Archer Exploration)

+  Silicon was used as a substrate to build the chip due to its technical and industrial advantages in semiconductor and consumer electronic device integration (see Background and Market Summary). The use of silicon as a chip substrate also expedites prototype development, as well-established silicon-compatible chip fabrication technology is available at the Research and Prototype Foundry in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub. Aluminum and gold electrodes were engineered to modern device component sizes compatible with the size of the 12CQ qubits. The componentry may be substituted with other materials in future stages of12CQ chip development, which is a key advantage of the 12CQ qubit processor chip.

+  The technical development at the heart of 12CQ is a world-first.During Q1 FY2020, Archer intends to continue technology de-risking value-added development of the 12CQ qubit processor chip by completing the next stages of component assembly towards a proof-of-concept prototype chip at the Research and Prototype Foundry at the University of Sydney.

Source:  ARCHER EXPLORATION.  Dr Mohammad Choucair,  First-stage assembly of nanoscale qubit processor…

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