Quantum-proof Security to Enhance Trading Security

Cybersecurity is the foundation to a successful corporate environment. If attribution were easy, we believe this would be inarguable and every organization would have to accept responsibility.  AlphaNu and Kelvin Wallet’s collaboration looks to be in focus.  Qubit.

Future-proof Cryptography & Security

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  As a powerful platform enabling traders to trade with sophisticated algorithms 24/7 on the cloud, AlphaNu is a natural target for attackers looking to take advantage. Whether it relates to the expensive processed data we have, or sensitive client information and intellectual property, we intend to ensure that our security systems are not just robust but are evolving, future-proof and capable of handling even the toughest scenarios.

[W]e have approached our friends from the Kelvin Wallet team to become dedicated developers on our team assisting with the installation of top-tier security solutions such as quantum-proof security mechanisms.

+  Ming-Yang saw an unaddressed market for quantum-proof crypto hardware wallets, and left the FCL Lab to create Kelvin Wallet and in 2019, launched the first quantum proof crypto wallet featuring strong security certification, anti-quantum power, key exchange technology, and Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified security chip.

+  As the AlphaNu platform inevitably connects to third party exchanges to execute trades, it is necessary for us to protect trader interests and consider password security at many different levels. Our goal is to be future-proof and achieve quantum computer security while being constantly evolving against any modern threats. Our model will include a complete identity authentication framework, support the U2F authentication framework, and enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA). Users will be educated and guided through security processes to ensure good practices and guidance.

Source:  M ~ AlphaNu.  Paul H,  Future-proof Cryptography & Security…

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