$tepping Towards Affordable Quantum Computing; Is it Even Possible?

Another possibility of developing coherent systems with silicon. Qubit.

Significant step towards affordable quantum computing

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+  A team of scientists at the University of Tsukuba are studying a novel process for creating coherent lattice waves inside silicon crystals using ultrashort laser pulses.

From home PCs to business servers, computers are a central part of everyday life, but there are two big problems looming on the horizon for classical computers.

+  The first is a fundamental limit on how many transistors that can be packed into a single processor. Eventually, a totally new approach will be needed if we are to continue to increase their processing capacity. The second is that even the most powerful computers struggle with certain important problems, such as the cryptographic algorithms that keep your credit card number safe on the internet, or the optimisation of routes for delivering packages.

+  Quantum computers are seen as a solution and take advantage of the rules of physics that govern very small length scales, as with atoms and electrons. In the quantum regime, electrons act more like waves than billiard balls, with positions that are “smeared-out” rather than definite. In addition, various components can become entangled, such that the properties of each one cannot be completely described without reference to the other. An effective quantum computer must maintain the coherence of these entangled states long enough to perform calculations.

Source:  newelectronics.  Neil Taylor,  Significant step towards affordable quantum computing…

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