ISARA Leadership & ETSI Quantum-safe Cryptography Working Group

ISARA COO Mark Pecen Re-Elected Chairman of ETSI Quantum-safe Cryptography Working Group

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+  Mark Pecen, chief operating officer of ISARA Corp., has been re-elected chairman of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute’s (ETSI) Quantum-safe Cryptography Working Group focused on setting standards for the implementation and deployment of quantum-safe cryptography to protect data and critical systems from a quantum computer enabled attack.

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+  The ETSI Quantum-safe Cryptography Working Group originally started out as the Quantum-safe Industry Specification Group and in March 2015 this group published one of the first comprehensive reports on quantum computing’s threat to public key cryptography. Since then, the group has published several reports and analyses that shape the way quantum-safe primitives will be deployed globally. The group meets five times a year at the ETSI headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France.

+  “Standardized technologies are what serious users of security solutions want, because users like governments and OEMs are no longer willing to take the risks associated with proprietary solutions,’’ said Pecen, who was one of the founding members of the ETSI quantum-safe cryptography working group in 2015. “ETSI is focused on ensuring that the practical aspects of turning hard math problems into functional security products will result in systems that work together all around the world. The work of our members is crucial, because the pace of research and development makes the prospect of a stable, large-scale quantum computer within the next decade a very real possibility.”

Source:  Business Wire.  Aaron Curtiss, et al.,  ISARA COO Mark Pecen Re-Elected Chairman of ETSI Quantum-safe Cryptography Working Group…

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