Quantum Mechanics and Faith; Max Planck

We will never know the “why” of the Universe, of quantumness, of the beginning or the end, but one thing is certain, mankind will always be trying.  Several years back, Qubit [I] spoke with an astro-physicist over lunch.  We were involved with cybersecurity related work (of all things!) and he invited the team out.  In discussing astro-physics related topics, the discussion of “why” was roused. 

“Why the Universe?”, I asked.  The retort from the astro-physicist was “the answer delves into the spiritual and many of us won’t go there.”  The response was indicative of a line between religion and science which dare not be crossed.  Interesting piece, and thought provoking, regarding Max Planck’s writings on the topic.  Qubit

Max Planck on Religion and Science

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Upon reading about yet another instance of the promotion in schools of the idea that there is conflict between religion and science, and about Fr. Kurzynski’s effort to present “an image of peace between faith and science”, I decided that a focus on Planck is in order.

+  Planck was one of the key figures in the development of quantum mechanics. 

+  Max Planck: …To the religious person, God is directly and immediately given. He and His omnipotent Will are the fountainhead of all life and all happenings, both in the mundane world and in the world of the spirit. Even though He cannot be grasped by reason, the religious symbols give a direct view of Him, and He plants His holy message in the souls of those who faithfully entrust themselves to Him. In contrast to this, the natural scientist recognizes as immediately given nothing but the content of his sense experiences and of the measurements based on them. He starts out from this point, on a road of inductive research, to approach as best he can the supreme and eternally unattainable goal of his quest—God and His world order…

Source:  Vatican Observatory.  Christopher M. Graney, Max Planck on Religion and Science…

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