Schwew!  “Quantum Computing is Here to Stay”

Quantum Computing is Here to Stay

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Quantum computing is here to stay. Although not in its final state, it is clear that quantum computing will influence and change computing for years to come. In fact, notion of post-quantum computing is already a topic of conversation.

+  A recent study from declared cybercrime generated $1.5 trillion USD in profits in 2017, which is the equivalent to the GDP of Russia in 2017. It only makes sense the internet needs to be re-architected and considering current encryption methods, could be rendered unsecure based on Shor’s algorithm. It is quite clear that quantum computing needs to be part of the solution to enhance cybersecurity.

+  The critical question still remains: what will this technology do? Shor’s algorithm reverse engineers RSA encryption. This means a new encryption capability will likely result. Importantly, artificial intelligence is more suited towards quantum computing than traditional computing. There are already numerous every-day uses of artificial intelligence and its uses continues to grow.

+ …expect the progress of quantum computing and the reliance on artificial intelligence to grow together and usher in a new era, supported by the baseline data and foundational infrastructure we leverage today. 

Source:  CIO Review, John Shea, Quantum Computing is Here to Stay…

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