Cloud Security Alliance Issues Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity Guidance for Business Leaders

CSA prepares enterprises for quantum computing cybersecurity threats

The Cloud Security Alliance’s (CSA) latest paper brings quantum computing and cybersecurity to the forefront of enterprise leadership’s minds as it tackles some of the biggest questions around the subject. As the quantum age draws nearer, discussions on how to utilise the technology and, most importantly, protect organisations against the risks it poses are moving out of the hypothetical and into the practical. Part of this process is to educate key stakeholders about these opportunities and threats; something we discussed after the Hudson Institute released a guide offering business leaders guidance on quantum-secure cybersecurity. To continue this awareness drive, the Quantum-Safe Security working group of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), co-chaired by IDQ’s Bruno Huttner, has released ‘Preparing Enterprises forREAD MORE

Source: IDQ | Published on 2019-06-03 | By cremarc