Upgrading and Knowing Your Qubits, “logical qubits”, “error-corrected qubits”… With the number of institutions in the race for research and development of a stable and controllable qubit, it is understandable an article of this length and depth could be written.  Thorough piece for the layperson.  Qubit.
To upgrade quantum computers, researchers look to materials science.  Scientists need to improve the basic elements of quantum circuits—qubits—to push their machines to the next level of quantum weirdness.  
In brief.  Quantum computers promise to simulate complex chemistry that can’t be modeled on conventional computers. But today’s quantum computers use error-prone hardware and don’t yet live up to this potential. So materials scientists and quantum engineers are working to improve the basic hardware element of quantum computers, called the qubit. They are developing better manufacturing recipes and control equipment for the leading technologies: superconducting qubits and trapped-ion qubits. They’re developing technologies based on that old standby, silicon. And they’re envisioning less error-prone qubits based on new quantum materials that exhibit weird effects.