Highly Secure, Pan-European Quantum Communication Infrastructure.  The European space agency and European Commission agreed to the initial steps in creating a quantum-secure communication network – for Europe. 

Excerpt:  It would comprise a series of quantum communication networks, linking institutional users and their critical infrastructures, and sensitive communication and data sites in Europe.

The space-based component, known as SAGA (Security And cryptoGrAphic mission), would be developed under ESA’s responsibility and consists of satellite quantum communication systems with pan-European reach.

Magali Vaissiere, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at ESA, said: “Only by stimulating innovation can Europe place itself at the forefront of technology, and nowhere is this more critical than in the field of secure communications.

“It is our shared ambition to demonstrate that space-based solutions can provide a vital part of the European institutional quantum communications infrastructure. ESA is therefore making available its expertise in satellite and optical communications, in order to meet the technological challenges of delivering quantum key distribution services, which are not achievable by terrestrial solutions alone.”

Further information and full report is found at ESA…