Strangeworks to Bring Quantum Computing Community Together.  Whurley, Willian Hurley, founder and gray-matter behind Strangeworks, continues to embark upon the path of bring quantum computing’s global community together and take it to the people.  He’s no stranger to creating start-ups.   Qubit.

Not so Strange.  Excerpts:  Strangeworks has created a community platform, which it announced at SXSW 2019, to bring the quantum computing industry together. Its in beta right now. But its goal is to bring all the industry together to share, collaborate and publish work on quantum computing.

“I think these machines will change forever the course of history” Hurley said.

Hurley said his first startup, Chaotic Moon, did mobile and fun stuff. Accenture bought Chaotic Moon. For his next startup, he wanted to do something good for the world. He launched Honest Dollar because the U.S. has a savings crisis and financial products disenfranchise people, he said. Goldman Sachs bought Honest Dollar.

Now Strangeworks is going to be a catalyst for others, Hurley said. Strangeworks is going to make tools that millions of other people will use to change the world, he said. It is targeting applications in the aerospace, energy, finance and pharmaceuticals industries.

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