One Two Cee Cue.  Excerpt:  Archer’s 12CQ Project commences.  Archer Exploration Limited (ASX:AXE) is pleased to announce that the company has commenced its maiden quantum technology project dubbed 12CQ (pronounced “one two cee cue”) to build a carbon-based quantum computing device. The chip forms the basis of IP exclusively licenced to Archer from the University of Sydney. Archer has begun building chip prototypes at the Research & Prototype Foundry Core Research Facility at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub having executed a Facilities Access Agreement with the University, coinciding with the University’s appointment of Archer’s Quantum Technology Manager, Dr Martin Fuechsle, as Honorary Associate.


  • The 12CQ Project commences with the aim of building a carbon-based quantum computing device capable of room-temperature quantum information processing that would form the future basis of a Universal Quantum Computer.
  • Facilities Access Agreement executed with the University of Sydney, providing Archer access to the Research & Prototype Foundry Core Research Facility at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub: world-class infrastructure, equipment, and engineers required to build the chip.
  • Dr Martin Fuechsle, Archer’s Quantum Technology Manager, is appointed Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney as part of the 12CQ Project, enabling direct access to publicly restricted library resources and chip fabrication instrumentation.
  • Successful development of the technology would represent a major global breakthrough in the quantum computing industry, estimated to reach $US29 billion by 2021 and linked to the $US500 billion semiconductor market, catalysed by technical advances that allow for practicality, accessibility, and wide-spread consumer adoption.
  • Archer holds an exclusive international licence to commercialise the technology and owns the critical materials required to build the chip, and intends to licence and directly sell the technology with patents filed protecting the intellectual property (IP) in the US, EU, and Australasia.

Commenting on the commencement of 12CQ, Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said, “We have started building the chip. 12CQ has a simple value proposition, that of realising practical quantum computing. Key components of our commercialisation plan are now in place and we are in a unique position to strengthen quantum computing in Australia. Access to the Research & Prototype Foundry at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub provides us with the specialised world-class infrastructure, facilities, equipment, and personnel we need to successfully build this potentially breakthrough quantum computing technology.”

The success of 12CQ requires building and testing atomic-scale quantum devices using special chip fabrication tools and instruments for patterning and testing materials and quantum logic circuits. The Agreement provides Archer access to over 20 dedicated instruments, specially designed device substrates, and cleanrooms at the Research & Prototype Foundry Core Research Facility in the University’s Sydney Nanoscience Hub.

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