India’s Centre for Development of Advanced Computing Conference Supporting Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography.  India looks to keep stride in the marathon of quantum computing.  Tying efforts with high-performance computing and cybersecurity, a conference will be held this week to discuss further applications of disruptive technologies.  Quantum computing is high on the list.

Centre Development of Advanced Computing Conference.  Extract:  Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) will host two days Technology Conclave on April 4 and 5 at Pune in the emerging areas of Advanced Computing with major thrust on Exascale Computing, Microprocessor and Quantum Computing, AI & Language Computing, IoE and Dependable and Secure Computing and Next Generation Applied Computing.

Association with the industries and start-ups through collaborative innovation model is targeted for carving out implementable development solution strategies for India’s specific problems. Demonstration of technologies and applications will be showcased at exhibits.

Quantum Computing is gaining traction and advancements in materials science and computer science is enabling the same towards reality. This could have a huge impact on bio-informatics, strategic sector, AI and in addressing various grand challenge problems.

R&D in Cyber Security focuses on futuristic high-impact areas addressing core research challenges in security across a wide spectrum of computing, communication & storage involving Malware analysis & End-systems, IoT, SCADA, Cloud & Virtualization, Threat Analysis, Digital Forensics, Steganography, High-speed packet processing, Hardware security, Cryptographic algorithms and post-quantum cryptography.

Announcement with further details found at The Times of India…