Cracking Encryption By Quantum Computers Causing Fear: What’s Being Done?  
The key takeaways for The Qubit Report, taken as excerpts, are here.  The discussion is worth taking the time to review in entirety.  

“Technologists fear that a high-capacity quantum computer will be able to quickly and easily [break] through modern-day encryption, thereby exposing top secret data and information for all the world to see.”

“At the heart of the issue are the random number generators used in cryptology.  They aren’t truly random… They are created by computer algorithms, which are created by humans.  It is the kind of problem quantum computers will be able to solve…”

“To prepare for that day, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has a Post-Quantum Cryptography program that is asking participants to create a set of algorithms that are quantum resistant.”  The first step [to creating a quantum-resistant environment] is to create these new algorithms, integrate them into protocols, then integrate the protocols into products.

And there is no sooner time than now to get your security team working on the implmentation plan.  Because quantum is coming.  Qubit.

Part 3 of the series is found at National DEFENSE…