Focusing on the Quantum Sandwich: Northwest Quantum Nexus Formally Announced. 
Sustainability, materials science, better batteries.  These are a taste of the applications the Northwest Quantum Nexus looks to explore.

With counterparts in Chicago, Harvard, and California, the Northwest Quantum Nexus was unveiled March 18, 2019.  Led by Microsoft Quantum, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and the University of Washington, the Northwest Nexus, or Nexus, is looking to widen the quantum computing focus across all researchers, developers, and business leaders.

In particular, the Nexus foresees their group as expanding public-private quantum partnerships.  Through multi-disciplinary teams, the Nexus anticipates bringing together the best minds to collaborate in finding research issues and opportunities, and to make connections throughout the region. 

From the reference report, “Krysta Svore, General Manager of Quantum Software at Microsoft in Redmond, Wash., said the Nexus has a ‘unique focus.  Other centers are focusing on different aspects of quantum information science,’ she said.  ‘If you think of the stack for a quantum computer, we have algorithms and software at the top, then we have materials and the qubit design at the bottom.  What we’re doing with the Nexus is that sandwich.  We’re focusing on the sandwich elements to drive development on the other aspects, to drive scalability and accelerate the field.’ ”

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