Is Sydney, Australia, the Next Quantum Valley? 
The U.S. has Silicon Valley.  Canada has Ottawa’s Quantum Valley.  Now Australia is looking to join the Valley of Valleys. 

Though initially reported by The Qubit Report under the topic, Sydney Quantum Academy, March 4, 2019, the spin is being put forth that such an academy could spawn what “The Valley” the U.S. and Canada have developed albeit the Aussie version.

The Government of New South Wales, in it’s late February news release, stated “Minister for Innovation Matt Kean said the SQA is a partnership between the University of Sydney, University of NSW, Macquarie University and University of Technology Sydney.  ‘With this funding boost we could see extraordinary technological breakthroughs across all sorts of industries, including pharmaceuticals, finance, defence, manufacturing, agriculture and transport,’ Mr. Kean said.” 

Sydney sees itself as being the world leader “in the push to make quantum computers a reality.”  The region is touted as having the highest number of highly-skilled quantum computing scientists and quantum computing engineers of any city, anywhere.

Additional collaboration in Sydney takes in IBM, Microsoft, and Google quantum computing prowess.  These global corporations, along with the joining of UNSW and other collegiate entities within Australia, certainly give credance that the city could very well be setting itself up to become another Quantum Valley.  Qubit.

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