High Performance Computing: Accelerators, End of Moore’s Law, Quantum Computing.  
With many startups and the biggest of corporations focusing on quantum computing as a solution to Moore’s Law’s coming demise, other technologies to fill the coming high-performance computing (HPC) void appear.

Quantum computing and quantum simulation are easy to call a solution for HPC moving forward.  However, these are not the only possible solutions being explored.  Other possibilities being pursued involve multi-chip-module technology, a new computing system known from Intel known as a Configurable Spatial Accelerator (rumor), and the advent of 3-D memory for HPC systems.

Beyond these conventional technologies lays quantum computing.  Though quantum computing is – so far – perceived as only being able to accelerate specific categories of applications.  InsideHPC provides a discussion on the topic of quantum computing and the other avenues being taken to increase the performance of HPC.

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