Trusting Your Chain, Web, and Network of Trust.  
There’s a wealth of discussion about quantum-resistant algorithms that could  be used to protect public-key infrastructure and encryption from quantum computers. 

Should the quantum computing eventuality come to pass, the ramifications are wide and varied, for cryptocurrencies, your network, and the internet at large.

“A quantum breakthrough raises the risk of breaking most of our existing encrypted security protocols — think online banking, VPNs [virtual private networks], database storage, digital signatures, blockchains, and disk encryption.”

Existing trust protocols require a level of cryptography nearly impossible to break in a useful period of time and sustainable amount of effort.  The trust protocols also demand “a trusted third party that signs certificates or your public key.  If the first parameter is waiting for quantum computing power to invalidate it, the second one is subject to concerns as to its reliability.”

No one can be entirely sure how well quantum computing will work against cryptography though now is the time to protect your networks and client data against the likelihood.  This piece is well worth the time and effort to review to strengthen your understanding of trust in your cybersecurity.

Reference is found at Dzone Security Zone…