Barclays Keen on Quantum Computing.  
This past December, Barclays joined the IBM Q Network. Barclay’s membership is one of several Fortune 500 companies, numerous startups, research labs and universities who are part of the IBM Q.  “The membership gives the bank access to IBM’s quantum processors to run experiments and access to IBM’s technical experts and researchers on quantum computing software.”

“We are keen to explore quantum computing by running experiments on actual quantum processors, rather than just using quantum simulators running on a classical processor,” said Lee Braine of the Investment Bank CTO Office.

Barclays has taken a systematic approach to this new and as-of-yet unproven technology.  Assessing quantum computing’s application to the banking industry, its threat to encryption, and the challenges to development of a fully operating quantum computing, Barclays is preparing for the future.  Because quantum is coming.

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