Purdue University Takes Great Stride in Quantum Science and Research.  
Research in quantum information science at Purdue University is taking great strides with the school’s new Quantum Science and Engineering Institute.  Formed to coordinate and incentivize university-wide activities and to establish a new resource for faculty and students in the nascent field.  The inaugural institute director is Yong P. Chen, “a professor of physics and of electrical and computer engineering, and associate director of the Birck Nanotechnology Center in Purdue’s Discovery Park.”  The Institute also administers quantum-related research programs ranging from quantum photonics to spintronics.

The new institute and developing program highlights Purdue’s forward leaning presence in artificial intelligence and algorithms and automation.  “[T]o kick off the new Purdue Quantum Science and Engineering Institute (PQSEI), an International Symposium for Quantum Science and Technology will be held from April 22-23 in Purdue, bringing about 20 world leading experts to campus to discuss frontiers of quantum research.”

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