More than one research firm is tossing out ideas for quantum computing’s influence on the world by 2028…

(1) Annual stimulus to the world economy will be $15 billion for quantum computing services;
(2) Cloud-based services will be the predominant source with “”Quantum As-a-Service”” business model having joined the AaS world;
(3) Government, military, and the largest of commercial enterprises will host quantum computers in the cloud.

Challenges restraining deployment have been identified, a bit more firm than the above “guesstimates” as we are witnessing these tests now…

(1) Scalability of the system (environmental considerations: extreme low temperatures, high-magnetic fields, sterile environments);
(2) Stability of the quantum computer (needs: low error rates, long coherence of qubits);
(3) Reliability and confidence of and in the results;
(4) Cost efficiency of the operation (infrastructure, software development, human capital).

Tracking this might be an interesting endeavor. None-the-less, whether in 2028 or whether the challenges are met or mitigated, quantum is coming.


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