Kagome Lattice ~ Quantum Circuitry

Looking like a kagome lattice, iron and tin atoms arranged in the triangular structure in the below image reveal quantum-like properties. As electrical current flows across the structure, energy is retained. The action is similar to the Quantum Hall Effect of electrons tightly bending in circular paths along material edges. Further noted in the report is the material’s behavioral persistence at ambient room temperature while maintaining ‘quantum-mechanical magnetic force’ influences from the kagome structure. Researchers draw parallels to superconductivity. The report discusses multiple applications and delves further into the findings of this quantum information science potential study.

Depiction of a kagome metal — an electrically conducting crystal, made from layers of iron and tin atoms, with each atomic layer arranged in the repeating pattern of a kagome lattice. (Credit: Image, F. Frankel. Illustration, C.Turner)

This report is found at phys.org…