Quantum Computing Shows US Fears It Can’t Outcompete China

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+  The US is increasingly anxious about China’s prowess in quantum computing. It’s easy to see why. The nation that’s able to lead the field could redefine the way we live and work, taking computers’ problem-solving ability to another level. Quantum computing will influence everything from the fight against disease, to data security and the distribution of goods – and things we can’t even imagine today.

In the technology battle between the US and China, the nation that leads in quantum computing could redefine the way we live and work.


+  The notion that China could be No. 1 in such a critical technology is anathema to Washington, and arguably a worrying prospect for freedom lovers everywhere. It’s a country with values sharply at odds with the west and is increasingly willing to assert its power.

+  However this struggle for quantum computing supremacy plays out, there may still be a silver lining. In a tweet last week, Michael Pettis, a Beijing-based professor of finance at Peking University, said China’s challenge to US scientific and technological superiority, and the US response, ‘’may end up greatly benefitting the world.’’

Source:  asia financial.  Dave Makichuk,  Quantum Computing Shows US Fears It Can’t Outcompete China…

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