The Qubit Report rarely runs pieces more than once. However, the Netherland’s government has invested a substantial sum into quantum computing. We felt it was worth mentioning from a different author’s angle. Best read from the source. Link is below. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

The Netherlands made a huge bet on quantum computing — will it pay off?

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+  The Dutch government has great expectations for its planned investment of €615 million over seven years in quantum computing research and development. While it will certainly provide career opportunities for scientists and IT professionals and likely lead to advances in quantum computing, it is also expected to spark enterprise interest and experimentation in the technology and grow the start-up ecosystem in the country.

The €615 million investment that the government approved is close to the €700 million originally proposed last year by Quantum Delta NL, which said that the funds would be expected to generate a GDP impact of €5 billion to €7 billion for the Dutch economy in the mid-term, and “contribute to strengthening the strategically relevant European Quantum ecosystem.

+  More broadly, Dutch officials say they hope that the funding will aid Europe’s efforts to achieve digital sovereignty — the concept that Europeans should have control over the data and intellectual property they produce and have a well-developed technology sector independent of the US and other global powers such as China.

+  While the funding is likely to bolster the country’s already strong position in quantum R&D, the programme’s broader ambitions will likely face headwinds. The EU is not known to have a strong track record in scaling up start-ups, and some researchers and industry analysts fear that efforts to achieve digital sovereignty could end up cutting off potential support from some non-EU R&D and technology partners.

Source:  CIO.  Marc Ferranti,  The Netherlands made a huge bet on quantum computing — will it pay off?

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