Transport for NSW looks to quantum future with Q-CTRL

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+  Transport for NSW has enlisted the help of Sydney-based quantum computing startup Q-CTRL to tackle transport network management and congestion problems across the state’s public transport network.

The research project with the University of Sydney’s first quantum spin-off company will investigate ways the technology can be used to “create and manage a more resilient transport network”.


+  Transport minister Andrew Constance said the partnership was a “rare opportunity” to work with quantum experts to “tackle complex future network management and congestion problems”.

+  Speaking at the launch of NSW’s future transport technology roadmap last month, Q-CTRL founder professor Michael Biercuk said the project will involve building a “world-first prototype of a product [called] Fire Opal”. Biercuk said the work would “take all of the capabilities that we have developed and validated on real world-leading quantum computers, and deploy this to give completely new tools to data scientists and analysts at TfNSW”.

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