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Alberta to provide $11.8 Million for UCalgary Research

Points to note…

+  Amidst the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and the decreasing economic worth of the oil and gas industry, the Alberta government has recently been looking into diversifying the economy. The University of Calgary has stepped up to lead research and pave the province’s path towards becoming a “national and international hub for quantum technology,” according to Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation.

“Establishing Alberta as a leader in quantum technologies will give a competitive boost to our economy and create new jobs today and for the future,” said Schweitzer in a Government of Alberta news release.


+  This year, U of C will be receiving $11.8 million for quantum technologies research from the province. This research is focused on ensuring accurate sensor technology for oil and gas construction, secure communications and optimize computer and machine learning. This funding is said to also go towards fostering new technology-based jobs in Alberta.

+  As of September 2020 alone, Statistics Canada revealed that 1,832,600 Canadians are unemployed. This is a 3.5 per cent increase since the beginning of the year. Alberta experienced an 11.27 per cent increase in unemployment rate in comparison to September 2019. Needless to say, the province has taken a great toll in the pandemic’s repercussions, considering it happened after the province laid off hundreds and thousands of oil and gas workers as the oil price decreased. In a report published by Petroleum Labour Market Information, 25,600 jobs were lost between May 2019 to May 2020.

+  According to the provincial government, their recovery plan is a long-term and ambitious strategy that “will give a competitive boost to our economy” and greater emphasizing its potential to create jobs “today and for the future.”

Source:  The Gauntlet.  May Domingo,  Alberta to provide $11.8 Million for UCalgary Research…

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