Q-CTRL’s Founder Pontificates About Pontificating About Quantum Computing (and Quantum Radar)

Some good points in Michael Biercuk’s commentary. However, Albert Einstein’s comment, “Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will get you everywhere”, comes to mind. Though logical, the commentary is far short on imagination. Read it from the source, below. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

Read Before Pontificating on Quantum Technology

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+  Quantum technology — and quantum computing more specifically — has become quite the popular topic in national security circles. The extraordinary level of interest emerges from the potential impacts of quantum computers on information security and general issues of international strategic technological advantage. 

 However, this level of promise has inevitably led to hype in the popular media, company press releases, venture-capital newsletters, and (international) government program announcements. It is essential that in making an informed assessment you seek the truth beyond the hype.

+  It is easy to find yourself going down the wrong path; there are many new analysts offering “expert” advice on the technology underlying quantum computing. Many of them merit your skepticism. A combination of technical complexity and competitive media positioning has led to a wide variety of pervasive misconceptions in the field. Watching these flawed and false narratives take off in the national security world that I have worked in for year…

+  On a final and lighter note, it’s my pleasure to inform you that “quantum radar” is not likely to be an imminent threat to stealth technology as is sometimes claimed by Chinese media. There is global research interest in the application of “quantum illumination” to suppress certain kinds of technical noise in radar systems. It is possible that China has built functional prototypes and could in principle be far ahead of the United States and its allies, but there is no evidence that this has made China’s radars able to detect stealthy or low-observable aircraft in ways they could not before. Public-domain, state-of-the art research from a Canadian team also publicly claiming they hope to defeat stealth technology does not support such claims… Nonetheless, media reporting on this topic has been breathless, even within national security publications.

Source:  WAR ON THE ROCKS.  Michael Biercuk,  Read Before Pontificating on Quantum Technology…

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