Einstein, Feynman, Schrodinger: As Painful Today as a Century Ago. We Need a Quantum Intuitive Generation.

This piece is spot on. To develop a fully qualified quantum workforce requires a quantum intuition. To develop a quantum intuition requires educating the youth of today to the counter-intuitive quantum universe at the earliest opportunity. Recommend reading from the source. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

Do we need a ‘Quantum Generation’?

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+  Most of us have technological intuition, like the ability to drive an unfamiliar car or use a new computer program. Unhindered by philosophical obstacles, it allows children to program a TV remote or master a smartphone much faster than their parents. That’s because kids today have been born and raised surrounded by technology built upon classical computers and have developed an intuition for them.

The legendary “spookiness” of quantum mechanics which so bothered Albert Einstein is born from similar examples, and the frustrations expressed by Einstein, Richard Feynman or Erwin Schrödinger are as painful today as they were a century ago.

+  With quantum computers only now emerging, such early development is lacking. Consider, for example, light. While familiar in the macroscopic world, its quantum properties are odd. Sometimes it behaves like a wave, sometimes like a particle. Think of quantum particles that can pass, or tunnel, through energy barriers. Or imagine entangled particles, which influence each other even if separated by a large distance. There are also mind-boggling interpretations of quantum mechanics that drive ongoing and vigorous debates among specialists, such as theories of multiple universes or theories in which the future influences the past.

+  As the quantum technological revolution changes the world, it must first move out from laboratories and into proverbial garages. To get there requires a quantum education at an early stage, an effort to tunnel through the barrier of quantum weirdness and kick-start a “quantum generation” of young people who can consider entanglement without being spooked, like we are, and instead set up those garages and launch completely new approaches to quantum technology.

Source:  The Hill.  Tomasz Durakiewicz,,  Do we need a ‘Quantum Generation’?…

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