Australia’s Prime Minister to Visit India, Seeks Partnerships in Quantum Technology and Other Disruptive Technologies

Australia keen to strengthen ties with India in hi-tech area

Key points ~

+  Ahead of Australian PM Scott Morrison’s visit to India early next year and with Canberra keen to lessen its reliance on China in hi-tech sectors, a top Australian official said that India and Australia would be looking to further their cooperation in areas including cyber and critical technologies.

“By working with India, Australia hopes to lessen its reliance on Chinese technology, and contribute to an alternative set of standards that will prevent Beijing from setting the ground rules in key technologies…”

+  According to The Australian, plans are under way for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to use his India visit in January to seek deals with New Delhi for co-operation on critical technologies and minerals, in a bid to counter Chinese dominance in hi-tech sectors.

+  “Tech partnerships will be high on the Prime Minister’s agenda when he sits down with counterpart Narendra Modi, with a proposal to use Australia’s expertise and India’s scale to develop artificial intelligence, quantum computing and ‘internet of things’ technologies.

+  Australian Deputy High Commissioner Rod Hilton, in his address at the Chanakya Chakra forum on Foreign and security policies, said that 5G and 6G and quantum computing are priority areas for both sides.

Source:  ET  IANS,  Australia keen to strengthen ties with India in hi-tech area…

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