U.S Air Force Adds IBM Q Network… or IBM Q Network Adds U.S. Air Force (?)

AFRL, IBM to pioneer Quantum Information Technology for DOD

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  The Air Force Research Laboratory is breaking new ground in their efforts to partner with industry, academia and the Department of Defense to apply quantum information science to Air Force concerns and ensure they remain the most advanced and capable force in the World. AFRL has formally joined the IBM Q Network, the first-ever partnership of its kind in the DoD. This alliance will provide AFRL and its collaborators with access to commercial quantum systems to explore practical applications relevant to the Air Force.

“It is sometimes said that explaining quantum computing to someone is like trying to teach them to swim in a pool without water. The IBM quantum computer is that body of water that will allow AFRL-IBM Hub researchers to swim about and explore pathfinder problems that will demonstrate a quantum advantage over conventional computers, and realize the promise of quantum computation that to date has only been theorized,” Alsing said.

+  Col. Timothy Lawrence, AFRLs Information Directorate director, said the agreement enables the leading DoD researchers from all of the military services to have access time on the IBM quantum computer. He noted the National Defense Strategy and Air Force Science and Technology Strategy for 2030 emphasis on strategic competitors like China, who are aggressively pursuing quantum computing for military advantage.

+  The IBM Q Network has established quantum hubs across the world, implementing innovative approaches to advancing research by providing the greatest minds in academia, industry, and now the Air Force, access to quantum systems to realize the potential of quantum mechanics. One of the goals of AFRL’s Quantum Hub is to create a broad community of researchers working on the latest gate-based computer(s) to develop expertise and to continually monitor and test new advancements in quantum hardware.

Source:  EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE.  Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate,  AFRL, IBM to pioneer Quantum Information Technology for DOD…

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