Bangladesh Recognizes Need for Information, Communication, Technology; Quantum is Coming, Are they Ready?

Digital skills are vital for Bangladesh’s young people

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  This space is marked by technology breakthroughs in a number of fields, including robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology, quantum computing, the Internet of Things, fifth-generation wireless technologies (5G), 3D printing and fully autonomous vehicles.

To adapt to this new environment and ‘future-proof’ the nation, the youth need to learn how to engage with technology. The Bangladesh government is committed to embracing this new direction and has made digitisation a national priority.

+  The National ICT Policy 2009 promotes the use of ICT tools in all levels of education and ensures access to education and research for people with special needs, among other measures. It aims to finally to create a sizeable cohort of ICT professionals who can meet competitive global requirements.

+  Another challenge for the ICT sector is the large digital divide prevalent in the country. However, Bangladesh can reap great benefits by integrating ICT in the education system since the country has one language and is densely populated. The extensive coverage of mobile network and other media can be leveraged to serve as a medium to deliver education .

Source:  apolitical.  Mokhlesur Rahman and Mustahsin-ul-Aziz,  Digital skills are vital for Bangladesh’s young people…

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