Chinese Military Developing Strategic Doctrine Pulling in Quantum Computing.  
Hyper-sonic missiles, quantum key distribution, and legions of trained foot-soldiers may be sufficient to describe the old and new of China’s military might.  With the era of disruptive technology taking off, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, robotics, and big data have found their way into strategic doctrine circles.  The People’s Liberation Army’s Academy of Military Science is applying disruptive technology in their strategic doctrine development.  The concept of “zhinenghua zuozhan” or “intelligent operations” seeks to integrate the two.

One notion for intelligent operations is the “Algorithms Game.”  One author for the PLA Daily states, “The party that grasps the advantages of the algorithm in future war can quickly and accurately predict the situation on the battlefield, innovate the optimal method of warfare, and achieve the war purpose of ‘winning before the war’.”

The “algorithm concept is based on big data and speed of computational power, especially with the use of quantum computing: [The author] believes that quantum computing can ‘quickly propose flexible and diverse operational plans and countermeasures against the changes in the enemy’s situation, constantly disrupting the enemy’s attempts and deployments’.”

The PLA is thinking strategically to incorporate ‘cognitive advantage, speed, early warning, and first-mover advantage’ into military doctrine.  These aspects are age-old keys to success on the battlefield.  If successful at developing the technologies, writing the doctrine, and implementing the strategy, the PLA may have the advantage.

Reference piece from Real Clear Defense…