Interdisciplinary Quantum Information Research and Engineering, INQUIRE.  
With approximately $1.4 million in funding – $1M from the U.S. National Science Foundation, the University of Arizona is building the Interdisciplinary Quantum Information Research and Engineering instrument (INQUIRE). 

“Inquire is the world’s first shared research and training instrument to help researchers in diverse fields – including those with no expertise in quantum information science – benefit from quantum resources.” 

A network of fiber-optic cables will connect an automated quantum information hub, a quantum network.  The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Biosciences Research Labs, Mines and Metallurgy, Physics and Atmospheric Sciences, and Meinel Optical Sciences will be linked via the quantum information system. 

School President Robert C. Robbins stated “To be a leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we must leverage collaboration, stay ahead of the technology curve and provide a high-powered environment where researchers have the tools they need to solve the world’s grand challenges.  I look forward to seeing the new opportunities this facility brings once it is completed.”

With construction underway, the anticipated operation of the project is set for September, 2021.

Reference is found at UA News…