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Researchers develop innovative platform capable of verifying quantum encryption technologies

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+  The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) said that the new platform called “Q Crypton,” unveiled at an online conference on July 21, can verify the quantum safety of various cryptographic systems such as RSA, which is a public-key cryptosystem that is widely used for securing data transmission, and next-generation quantum-resistant passwords.

“The fear of incapacitating modern public key cryptography with quantum computers is coming to reality. Based on the world’s best technology in cryptographic quantum safety, we will work hard to establish next-generation security infrastructure early,” ETRI’s cybersecurity research division head Kim Ik-kyun said in a statement on July 21.


+  Q Crypton laid the foundation for verifying cryptographic algorithms and the performance of programs that will be used in quantum computers, ETRI said, adding the platform would be released step by step through a web browser to prevent hacking using quantum computers.

+  A state research body in South Korea has developed an innovative platform capable of verifying encryption technologies that prevent the hacking of quantum computers. It would accelerate efforts to find cryptographic algorithms with higher security in preparation for the era of quantum computers.

Source:  Aju Business Daily.  Lim Chang-won,  Researchers develop innovative platform capable of verifying quantum encryption technologies…

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