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Texas Warned Us What Quantum Computers Will Do To The Power Grid

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+  In the case of an attack by a future quantum computer, with its unprecedented power to decrypt existing encryption systems, the shutdown could be the most catastrophic disaster our country has ever experienced. Using data supplied by the global econometrics firm Oxford Economics, our researchers at Hudson Institute’s Quantum Alliance Initiative have been working on a quantitative study of a future quantum cyberattack on the grid. Our preliminary data shows that protection of our power networks, needs to be an urgent national priority.

[A] quantum computer attack would be far more protracted and far worse in its effects. Indeed, the “smarter” the grid is, with more supervision and control by computers, the more vulnerable it would be.


+  Experts have been warning us for years about how vulnerable the national power grid is to attacks by malicious actors like Russia, China, and Iran. The Department of Energy has a major task force, the North American Energy Resiliency Model (NAERM), looking into how to protect our energy grid from natural disasters but also terrorism and cyber assaults.

Source:  Forbes.  Arthur Herman,  Texas Warned Us What Quantum Computers Will Do To The Power Grid…

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