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As Springtime Nears, Time to Start Planning to Safeguard Against Quantum Computing’s Cybersecurity Threat

After a Year of Quantum Advances, the Time to Protect Is Now

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+  It’s Time to Get Started.  …Organizations can begin taking initial steps now to prepare for a post-quantum world. Some initial planning considerations for safeguarding devices could include:

    • Does the device require strong security, such as:
        • Public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates?
        • Hardware security modules (HSMs)?
        • Physically embedded roots of trust?
    • How many years does a device need to be secured for? If the answer is seven or more years, you need to start preparing today.
    • How long does the information need to remain confidential? Again, if the answer is seven or more years, it’s time to start preparing now.

+  As you become more crypto-agile and prepare for deployment, ask your third-party vendors about their transition plans, and consider replacing any products and services that cannot be upgraded. Take steps to test your transition plans and mechanisms to make sure they work. Then, move aggressively to put a quantum-safe PKI solution in place to support future upgrades, and continue to deploy quantum-safe technologies as they become available.

As you prepare for your technology transition, take the time to understand the problem, and find out what technologies are available to mitigate it. Find all the cryptography in your organization and start working on a plan to replace it.


+  While quantum computing might easily take a decade or more to go mainstream, this is not a race that an organization can afford to lose. The stakes are higher than ever for maintaining security and compliance. Fortunately, by putting planning into motion soon, you’ll assure your ability to stay several steps ahead of the coming revolution in quantum computing.

Source:  Dark Reading.  Tim Hollebeek,  After a Year of Quantum Advances, the Time to Protect Is Now…

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