Cybersecurity is popular in our offices… It was one of the ingredients which spawned The Qubit Report. Recommend considering what is found in Mr. Paul Lucier’s piece and take action, now! Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

Simplifying the Transition to Quantum-Safe Security with Crypto Agility

+  The quantum computing threat to public-key encryption is enormous. Large-scale quantum computers are on the not-too-distant horizon. They will be capable of breaking the underlying public-key cryptography and public-key infrastructure (PKI) at the core of every secure information exchange and transaction conducted today. With quantum computing, public-key cryptography becomes easier to attack. This could wreak havoc on trust infrastructures in every industry and sector, including government, military, energy, aviation, financial services and automotive.

+  What exactly is at risk? Cryptography is the foundation of digital identity and trust. A threat to cryptography is a serious threat to that trust. In today’s increasingly connected ecosystem, broken cryptography can result in unauthorized access to sensitive information, lack of control over connected devices and, potentially, great danger to human safety. All systems that rely on cryptography—especially systems that are already vulnerable—will be at exponentially greater risk when quantum technologies arrive.

+  What can enterprises do now to strengthen and future-proof their cryptographic infrastructures? The answer lies in crypto agility. Bridging the gap between current and quantum-safe security—and simplifying the transition—requires a new approach. Many enterprises are looking to adopt a crypto-agile posture with minimal disruption to existing systems, standards and end users.

Source:  ISACA.  Paul Lucier,  Simplifying the Transition to Quantum-Safe Security with Crypto Agility…

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