The World Needs Enduring Digital Privacy, and Ambit Inc. Has Delivered It

As early as 2021, a technique known as Variational Quantum Factoring may enable quantum computers to begin decrypting everything on the internet. AmbitVPN is a new post quantum encryption VPN leveraging WireGuard. It’s faster and more secure, protecting your privacy today and tomorrow.

Ambit, Inc., an American post-quantum network security startup focusing on Post-quantum cryptography/encryption (PQC), announces the release of AmbitVPN—Enduring Digital Privacy: PQC is encryption that cannot be broken by a quantum computer using known attacks. AmbitVPN leverages PQC ensuring customer data cannot be decrypted now or in the future with quantum computers – Enduring Digital Privacy.

The impact of quantum computers on today’s encryption is similar to decrypting Germany’s secret Enigma code in WWII, which impacted the outcome of the war. As early as 2021 a technique known as Variational Quantum Factoring (VQF) may be mature enough to decrypt classical data secured by SSL/TLS. This includes RSA and AES as well as digital signatures like SHA. Even without this method, quantum computers will decrypt classical encryption as soon as 2025. Most encrypted email clients, cloud solutions, messengers, corporate databases, and consumer and enterprise VPNs are secured by these classical encryption methods and standards. AmbitVPN prevents this coming quantum decryption crisis.

In addition to the coming quantum decryption crisis, most existing VPNs are based on an aging technical standard called Transport Layer Security (TLS). This includes OpenVPN and its derivative applications. TLS is broken (, as further evidenced by the recent Raccoon attack.

AmbitVPN builds on a modern networking protocol known as Wireguard. Wireguard is faster, more efficient, and technologically superior to the existing protocols in OpenVPN. Leveraging Wireguard, AmbitVPN is 1,000 times faster to connect than OpenVPN and 60% faster overall. AmbitVPN can reduce telecom throttling over a mobile network. In some cases AmbitVPN increases download speeds by as much as 50 Mbps (

With some of their seed stage capital coming from Bittrex Ventures coupled with a few West Coast tech angel investors, Ambit Inc. secured a co-branded VPN deal with a Singaporean telecom. Singapore stands as the world’s most secure wealth management capital where banking privacy matters most. Ambit Inc. looks forward to announcing our co-branded success in Q4 of 2020.

AmbitVPN is dedicated to preventing the quantum decryption crisis. Consumers can download AmbitVPN directly on, the Google™ Play Store, and Apple™ AppStore. AmbitVPN continues to expand its partnerships and in 2021 will offer enterprises a carrier grade solution.

Ambit Inc. aims to usher in a new century of unbreakable ciphers democratized for the world, safeguarding our communications, healthcare records, and online banking and wealth management. For more information see; for the Singapore co-branded release stay tuned for an announcement coming from the Singapore telecommunications company this Q4.