Your Organization’s Key to Security May be Your Crypto-Agility

Is Critical Infrastructure Ready for Quantum?

Points to note…

+  Organizations with mission-critical security requirements can strengthen and start future-proofing their cryptographic infrastructures today. They can start preparing for quantum computing now by making their systems crypto agile.

A system that is vulnerable now will be exponentially more at risk when quantum technologies arrive. What can organizations do now to strengthen and future-proof their cryptographic infrastructures?

+  A good first step is to inventory systems and algorithms. A few questions to determine quantum preparedness urgency: How many years does the device need to be secured for? How long does the information need to remain confidential? If the answer to either question is more than seven years – jet engines, pacemakers, cars — start preparing today. Bridging the gap between current and quantum-safe security will require a new approach. Many organizations are looking to adopting a crypto agile posture without affecting existing systems, adherence to standards, and end users.

+  NIST urges, “It is critical to begin planning for the replacement of hardware, software, and services that use public-key algorithms now so that the information is protected from future attacks.” + Currently, cybersecurity threats are like plugging a kitchen sieve. When quantum comes, the threats will be like plugging the Hoover Dam. Unless organizations take a proactive crypto agile posture today.

Source:  Infosecurity.  Scott Totzke,  Is Critical Infrastructure Ready for Quantum?

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