Quantum Technology Seen as Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry

4 Breakthrough Technology Trends That Will Be Transforming Oil and Gas Industry

Key points…

+  Quantum technology is increasingly being developed for numerous purposes, from cybersecurity to gas detection. Many companies like IBM and Google are launching their quantum computers which are capable of performing tasks that are beyond the reach of the most robust conventional supercomputer.

+  Quantum supremacy can provide dramatic acceleration in particular huge data fields, such as earth and climate modelling, enabling both better weather forecasting and super intricate simulation for supporting the fight to climate change.

+  These technology transformations will need more chemical, and process engineers and STEM skills’ demand will increase. From changing agriculture and farming to a lesser impact on atmosphere and soil, for developing hydrogen and CCUS solution, new and more sustainable materials, new batteries and energy storage systems, and so on.

Source:  CIO Review.  CIO Review,  4 Breakthrough Technology Trends That Will Be Transforming Oil and Gas Industry…

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