Education, Hygiene, and Collaboration Will go a Long Way in Securing Networks Against Quantum Computing

Preparing for the Coming Quantum World (Pragmatically)

Selected notes ~

+  Preparing for the coming quantum world isn’t so much about giant quantum leaps in technology procurement or organizational change. Instead, it’s more about doing the basics well, like practicing good cyber hygiene, educating the workforce, and collaborating across government organizations.

Even if we aren’t sure of the timeline, quantum technology has advanced to the point that we generally know it will have a significant impact on how information is computed, what types of encryption are useful, and even how we securely communicate. Luckily, there are pragmatic ways to prepare.

+  Good cyber hygiene. Even with advancements in quantum technology, no one can decrypt data they do not have. Good cyber hygiene practices such as using strong passwords or avoiding phishing schemes can help make sure your sensitive data stays where you want it and away from unscrupulous hands. Ensuring the organization practices good cyber hygiene will always be important, quantum or not.

+  Quantum savvy. Quantum is a complex topic. While government leaders don’t need to pursue a PhD in quantum mechanics, they should have basic knowledge of the technology, its progress, and its expected impact on their organization. Education and research should extend beyond the C-suite level through research and education programs throughout the organization.

Source:  Nextgov.  Adam Routh, Joe Mariani and Akash Keyal,  Preparing for the Coming Quantum World (Pragmatically)…

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