Australian Firm Calls for Public Policy Supporting Cyber-Resilience in Light of Quantum Computing

Nation needs bipartisan federal cyber policy

Key points…

+  Australia’s federal opposition spokespersons on cyber-security, Kristina Keneally and Tim Watts, have presented a constructive direction to help Australia become cyber-secure.

+  Their statement – “We need policies that bring cyber-security to the community and build cyber resilience throughout the country” – correctly highlights the essential need for cyber-security amongst citizens, businesses and government agencies alike.

+  [T]he sleeping giant we are yet to face is the cyber-threat of quantum computing. This has only been alluded to by governments.

+  No Australian government initiative has yet been discussed. Possibly this is because few really understand it and how it will be a new class of cyber-threat. If any, few governments around the world will be ready to meet the bedlam that will occur when quantum computing is unleashed as a tool for cyber-attacks.

+  Unfortunately, quantum computing’s impact is also that some of the encryption algorithms we rely upon today will be broken in microseconds, rather than in hundreds or even thousands of man-years.

+  Encrypted data already being stolen and stored today by rogue-states and cyber-criminals for nefarious purposes will be accessible (decrypted) in the short-term future.

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Source:  Innovation Aus.  Francis Galbally,  Nation needs bipartisan federal cyber policy…

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